Systematic Treatment Evaluation Protocol (STEP)

How important is the treatment plan to patient case acceptance? Do you find communicating with your lab or specialists time consuming or cumbersome? How do you address the concepts of Esthetics, Function, Structure and Biology within the treatment plan in a way that the patient can understand? All you need is one STEP™.

Mastering these skills will allow you to treat patients more comprehensively and with greater predictability. You will learn how to develop effective treatment plans efficiently. This treatment planning process will be useful for any patient, whether they present for cosmetic treatment, implants, bite problems or worn teeth or just routine treatment. You will learn skills to communicate more effectively with patients, leading to better case acceptance. Attendance by the entire multi-disciplinary team is encouraged but not required. 

Woody & Joe present STEP™ at the start of each workshop.

STEP™ integrates the following skills:

  • Understanding the four components of a patient's complete dental health
  • How to evaluate the components of a patient's complete dental health and make a diagnosis in each one
  • How to use photography to predictably analyze facial and dental esthetics
  • What type of camera, retractors and mirrors to use
  • Guidelines to help evaluate facial and dental esthetics
  • How to evaluate a patient’s occlusion
  • Mutually protected occlusion what it means, why it's important and how to attain it
  • Centric relation, neuromuscular dentistry and maximum intercuspation when, where and why
  • Ways to make accurate bite records
  • How to incorporate esthetics and function to maximize the longevity of treatment.
  • A systematic approach to determining patients' treatment options
  • Communication skills to increase patient acceptance of treatment
  • Systems that need to be put in place in your office to implement what you learn


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"Your Systematic Treatment Evaluation Protocol in comprehensive dentistry was above and beyond what I expected. Your enthusiasm and vast amount of knowledge of dentistry that both of you have acquired through the years is absolutely amazing. Hats off to both of you for organizing all of this knowledge into an understandable and predicatable program and sharing it with the rest of the dental community."

~ Dr. J.K.
Selbyville, DE