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About the Chesapeake Dental Education Center

Welcome to the Chesapeake Dental Education Center. CDEC is the culmination of the dental careers of Drs. Woody Wooddell and Joe Passaro. They have been in partnership for over three decades, and their thriving practice of restorative and esthetic dentistry has been dedicated to practice excellence, dental education and patient service.

"Woody" and "Joe" have studied under the best minds in dentistry and have assimilated their vast knowledge into a singular program proven to effectively diagnose the problem, develop an appropriate treatment plan and implement the optimum solution for any restorative or esthetic case.

Woody and Joe are full-time clinicians who have put what they've learned and the techniques they've developed into practice every day. They are effective educators because they have a passion for dentistry and teach from experience. Their students learn not only concepts, but also how to implement what is taught in their own practices.

Build a Foundation for the Future of Dentistry at the CDEC

  • Acquire the knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive and predictable treatment to every patient
  • Develop confidence in handling complex cases
  • Learn how to effectively communicate and collaborate with your interdisciplinary team
  • Enhance your communication skills to increase case acceptance
  • Learn the practice management elements necessary to successfully support a higher level of dentistry in your practice


TestimonialsFrom Our Blog

"Our practice/office/dentistry has improved so much since meeting you guys and taking your courses. This has been the only CE courses that directly and dramatically affects how we practice. I feel like such a better and more confident dentist."~ Dr. Melissa Grimaudo
Land O' Lakes, FL

"Dr. Passaro and Dr. Wooddell have distilled the knowledge of some of the greatest minds in dentistry! They truly represent the future of dental CE in this country. They are our future superstars."
~ Dr. L.S.
Doylestown, PA

"...blending the behavioral art of denistry with the cutting edge of technology available."

~ Dr. J.T.
Schaefferstown, PA

Treating the Worn Dentition Part II

This is the second in a three part series from the Chesapeake Dental Education Center (CDEC) covering the topic of treating the worn dentition. Treating the Worn Dentition – Part I” reviewed the etiology of tooth wear and problem of aberrant tooth position that often occurs as a result of the adaptive changes with wear. In fact, the solution to most wear cases is determining the ideal tooth position. read more

Treating the Worn Dentition Part I

This is the first in a three part series from the Chesapeake Dental Education Center (CDEC) covering the topic of treating the worn dentition.  Part I will focus on diagnosis and etiology.  Part II will cover esthetics, the first phase of treatment planning, and Part III will cover occlusal issues relative to treatment planning. read more

The Turbyfill Denture Technique

Even though there has been a 10% decrease in edentulism each decade for the last three decades, the huge increase expected in the population group over 55 years of age will actually increase the demmand for denture fabrication. And when patients desire dental implants to assist or support their prostheses for the treatment of edentulism, a well-fitting, esthetically pleasing and... read more »




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Other Dental Education Courses

CDEC offers a variety of specialized dental education courses. Check back regularly to see our upcoming courses.