Our Workshop Courses Have Been Combined into a Single Two-Day Course!


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Hands-On STEP Skills Course

Tuition: $2195 with a deposit amount of $500
$1195 per Auxiliary, also with a $500 deposit
Continuing Education Credits: 16


This course teaches the practical skills in occlusion, photography and case presentation necessary to support the Systematic Treatment Evaluation Protocol - STEP used for planning in Restorative & Esthetic Dentistry.  The small-group course is hands-on. 

This course will review the STEP protocol and detail the following topics:

  • Occlusion
    • When to change it
    • Understanding a mutually protected occlusion
    • How to idealize an occlusion
  • Developing a relationship of trust with patients at the new patient examination
  • Principles for taking diagnostic quality patient photographs
  • Understanding esthetic parameters to develop an esthetic plan

The course will also cover the following hands-on skills:

  • Taking a facebow transfer
  • Making an accurate bite registration
  • Taking a complete set of dental photographs with a digital SLR camera
  • Using PowerPoint to construct an esthetic plan

Items to bring:

  • Digital camera for intra-oral photography
  • Two sets of study casts of the course participant
  • Laptop or Mac with PowerPoint



Dr. Woody Wooddell - Continuing Dental Education Workshops Seminars and Courses


"It's hard for me to put into words and be concise about how much the current workshop series is changing my life as a dentist. Looking at cases through the filter of facial esthetics and the occlusion system is an empowering feeling. I love having dialog with patients and having the chance to teach them about all of these nuances that were once a mystery to me. Thank you all for your hard work in putting CDEC together and making it a success. Your 'method' has, and will continue to, shape the rest of my career and happiness in the field of dentistry."~ Dr. Jeff Grove
Wyomissing, PA


"The most comprehensive dental series that brought a lot of isolated ideas and learning together in a very organzied and logical manner. I recommend dentists of any experience to attend this series to get on a track that can lead to excellence in service and gratifcation."

~ Dr. Abdul Alvani
Waldorf, MD


"A great introduction to comprehensive dentistry. Enjoyed the small class size because it really allows for a tailored course and freedom to engage the lecturers."


~ Dr. S.W.

Camp Hill, PA


"Great Course! These gentlemen have a passion for their craft and their enthusiasm to pass this on is exciting to me as a dentist who always enjoys learning more about my profession."


~ Dr. R.B.

State College, PA