About Chesapeake Dental Education Center

Our own journey through continuing dental education began over 20 years ago. We found our dentistry needed to be much more comprehensive than the single-tooth "drill and fill" dentistry we were taught in dental school. And the more we learned, the more we realized there was so much more to know. 

So off we went, completing training in many disciplines at learning centers across the country, most years each of us taking about 200 CE hours. During this process, we experienced many different educational formats—from large note-taking lectures to small interactive groups. As a result, we developed our own perspectives on effective learning. 

We found the classes where we were "elbow-to-elbow" with a small group of colleagues with direct access to our instructor were the most productive. Those environments where we had the opportunity to get our hands on cases and materials helped us come away with a deeper, more thorough understanding of the topic being taught. These experiences facilitated implementation when we went back to the real world of our practice.

And we were fortunate that, through our partnership, we had a built-in peer relationship to support each other as we applied what we had learned. We feel strongly that peer grouping gives learners more confidence, because they have someone they can trust to discuss their thoughts, affirm their understanding and share the experience and success of new techniques.

As our knowledge and technical ability grew, it also became obvious that we had to develop a top-notch interdisciplinary team to support the kind of dentistry we wanted to do. We are blessed to have an equally inspired group of specialists with whom we work who embrace education and the joy of excellence. They have taken this journey with us, and without our oral surgeons, periodontist, orthodontist and endodontist, we would be unable to fine tune and execute the treatment plans developed for our patients. We have worked with this same group of specialists for over thirteen years; some of them almost our whole career.

So, we've merged our passion for complex restorative and esthetic interdisciplinary dentistry with personal, hands-on, small-group, implementation-focused, and
peer-supported learning to create the Chesapeake Dental Education Center. We look forward to the opportunity to share our continued path of learning.

Our Goals

  • Provide superior education and training to dental professionals
  • Supply a regional source for restorative and esthetic dental studies
  • Employ a policy of hands-on learning and small class sizes to make the teaching personal and effective
  • Foster interpersonal relationships and professional support among learners through peer grouping
  • Strive to achieve the utmost satisfaction from participants
  • Encourage practical application of concepts taught by providing participants with all of the skills necessary for successful implementation, including practice management
  • Be responsive to suggestions for improvement and requests for additional topics
  • Offer a faculty of leaders in the dental field who value their own education and continue to learn themselves
  • Provide a physical environment and technology sufficient for teaching advanced topics and enhance facility as necessary

To be the premier regional source for restorative and esthetic dental education, and to provide participants with the ability to successfully implement learned skills in their own practice.


The Chesapeake Dental Education Center will be an institute for developing and enhancing restorative and esthetic dentistry skills for general practitioners and specialists. The CDEC will offer a variety of courses that teach advanced topics in a small group setting. The nature of the CDEC courses will be personal and hands-on with a special focus on collaboration and support to encourage success in practice. The CDEC will strive to be the preferred source for advanced dental training in the Chesapeake region.


Our office provides the ideal setting for hands-on learning with access to all 5 of the 3-D planning software packages we use, our Kodak 9000 CT scan machine and our vast database of case information and digital files.



CDEC is a proud member of the Academy of General Dentistry PACE Program

Approved PACE Program Provider FAGD/MAGD Credit Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement. (9/1/2015) to (8/31/2018) Provider ID# 331450